An efficient tax compliance process is essential for multinational enterprises. Global tax laws have never been more complex or rapidly evolving. Additionally, governments’ efforts to expand their tax base are driving demands for transparency and timely responses. Using the Orbitax International Tax Platform, multinational companies can have easy access to a comprehensive database of tax laws.

The Orbitax International Tax Platform by Thomson Reuters is a cloud-based platform of integrated tools and workow solutions designed to help corporate tax departments stay on top of global regulations. It utilizes the company’s global tax rules engine, which offers expertise on tax rules in 195 countries. EY International Tax Services will assist clients in implementing the platform, ensuring that it meets the needs of their business.

The Orbitax Activity Monitor feature automatically monitors project activity. It displays user activity, data changes, and timestamps. It also allows users to create custom groups and chat with individuals. It also offers secure file and document storage for documents. Orbitax Drive also offers premium features such as task management and document sharing.