With the Artificial Intelligence (AI) market growing in leaps and bounds every few months, it’s hard to keep up with the many changes and breakthroughs happening in the industry. If you’re wondering what type of AI technology is trending right now, you’re in luck.

The following five productivity AIs are some of the latest and greatest ones to look at, which cross into a wide range of different expertise and areas of interest for many.

  1. Synthesia’s AI Avatars

Anyone who worries about their videos not having a human presence should consider Synthesia. It is an AI video generation platform that was created to help users make their videos far more engaging and enticing to viewers. There are over 160+ AI avatars available for this, and as a user, tapping into this is quite simple. All that is required is being able to edit the video with the AI as you would for any kind of slide presentation that you’d normally make.

The ability to do this is easy to learn if you’ve never done this before, and with over 130+ languages available, in both voiceovers and closed caption formats, you can ensure your videos are able to reach a worldwide audience.

By using an AI avatar in your videos, and by inputting your script into the program, you’ll be able to have the life-like AI avatar start a conversation on the topic you’ve provided. Being able to customize the videos to suit your personal brand and logo is a plus, and you can add colors to this, along with personalized fonts as well. The basic package for this begins at $22 per month and goes up in tier according to the video needs you have.

  1. Open AIs GPT-4

More commonly known to users as ChatGPT, the latest addition GPT-4, developed by OpenAI, is one of the top LLMs which has made significant progress in its natural language processing (NLP). It is one of the top-rated language models around, and it is capable of creating information and text based on various queries and inputs provided by users.

This AI is able to perform a wide range of complex language tasks, such as notation, translation, text generation, and summarizing large works of textual information. It’s also fairly good at answering random user questions. Its main strengths lie in its ability to understand and generate contextually relevant responses to users, which has led to its widespread adoption across various industries.

With all these pros, though, it must be noted that there are some drawbacks. It’s only capable of answering queries within the time period of its training and has no access to current or up-to-date papers. While users note that the free version, ChatGPT-3, often generated factual errors in its responses to users, the paid-for GPT-4 has improved upon this significantly.

  1. AIVA’s Music Generation AI

Anyone who’s ever wanted to dabble in making music but has little talent for instruments will feel like they hit the jackpot at Casino Grand Bay when they discover the AI music they can create with AIVA. This music-generative AI is one which takes a prompt from users and creates specific music based upon that. There are free versions which allow users to create and download 3 tracks a month for non-commercial use, with AIVA owning the musical copyright.

Then, there are paid-for plans that can cost up to €33 a month, but users retain the rights to the music that has been created, and the generated music is allowed to be used in commercial projects. Some top companies who are using AIVA to create specific soundtracks include Vodafone, software giant NVIDIA, and even Animo television.

The best thing about creating on the platform is that AIVA’s AI is unlikely to ever generate the same musical soundtrack twice for anyone, which helps to assure users that the creations that were made for them stay unique, forever.

  1. Grammarly AI

When it comes to ensuring your content is top-notch, one of the best apps out there that caters to free and paid plans is Grammarly. The built-in AI integrates into your browser to assist you while you work online, or you can head over to the Grammarly website and manually input text that you need to check.

With free plans, Grammarly will cater to noting tone issues and basic spelling errors and punctuation, while paid-for packages are able to correct tone, enhance the vocabulary used in written content and adopt a wider range of linguistic needs, including assisting with the overall clarity of your written work. In short, this add-on is user-friendly, polished, and rather unobtrusive until you need it. For those who often struggles with writing needs, be it across emails or writing professional documents, Grammarly is a great choice to try out.

  1. OpenAI’s DALL-E

Another top AI option from OpenAI, their DALL-E. This is an AI model capable of generating images from textual descriptions input by users. This artificial intelligence is trained to understand text descriptions and in response to the words that are input into it. As such, DALL-E will create corresponding images that are mostly unique. Though there are ethical and artistic concerns from various areas due to the kind and type of images it is generating, the AI usually avoids any copyrighted issues in the images it does produce.

So far, DALL-E has demonstrated a profound ability to capably generate diverse and high-quality images which can be used in various fields, such as visual storytelling, creative design, and even content generation. The question as to who is using these images and how is up to each user until AI ethics are properly finalized.

With the variety of fields that AI is becoming integrated with, the opportunities to start using it in everyday life in some way or form become much greater for most of us. From being able to create fun musical tunes and lifelike avatars for video productions, to improving your writing style, there are plenty of opportunities to engage with it.

As the field of artificial intelligence continues to evolve rapidly, with new advancements and innovations emerging regularly, it will be interesting to see precisely where AI is at in the next five years.

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