The best professional tax software has a number of features. It should be easy to use, include the forms needed, and be supported by a reputable vendor. Choosing the right software can save you a lot of time. By using an efficient software, you can focus more on marketing and training your employees, instead of spending hours on preparing returns.

H&R Block is an easy to use software that provides tax information and tax preparation services. It offers a feature that allows employees to receive W-2 forms electronically, which is great for those who file their taxes on a regular basis. It also has a Tax Prep Checklist that makes it easy to identify items that are needed for preparing a return. It also has an ATX feature that allows you to access more than 7,000 tax compliance forms, and has multitasking capabilities.

TaxAct Professional includes 20 practice management features, such as automated workflows, customizable customer relationship management, unlimited eSignatures, and a mobile app for easy access to client information. In addition, the software features TaxAct ProAdvance, which is a resource center where you can find tips and guidance for improving your practice. The online resource center also has tools for depreciation and disposal summaries, as well as custom client reporting.

Tax software comes in several versions, each with its own set of features and limitations. Some programs can’t handle some forms or inputs, while others may be able to handle the most complex tax situations. Before you buy tax software, take a look at its limitations and contact customer support if you have any questions or issues.

The ProSeries Professional tax software can also create an editable invoice. Its interface is customizable for your firm. It includes a dashboard with quick access to all projects, tasks, and client documents. Notifications are sent to you when a return needs to be attended to. Moreover, the program allows you to create a tax organizer for every client. These tax organizers can be printed out or uploaded to the client portal. The software also allows you to e-file returns and integrate with QuickBooks.

Among the top-tier professional tax software, TaxSlayer Pro Web + Corporate comes with the most advanced features. With a $1,795 annual price tag, the program offers both desktop and cloud-based versions. It also has additional features that aren’t available on lower tiers. Among its features, this software can deal with corporate and LLC returns.

TaxSlayer Pro provides a desktop-based solution, advanced online tax filing features, and a mobile app. As a multiplatform service provider, TaxSlayer Pro is easy to use and affordable compared to other professional tax software options. The software also includes a help center.